Water Ionizer Provides Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water

h2o-water-ionizerIt is no secret how today’s water has become unsafe for drinking and consuming. And, yes, you can argue about the process water treatment plants go through before they reach our taps again, but it is still not enough to clear the water from all of the contaminants that have been dissolved in it. Good thing there is another way you can get clean and safe water: through the alkaline water ionizer.

Chlorine is one staple ingredient included in our tap water, and it is kept alive in our water systems because it kills more harmful bacteria and parasites present in the water. But this doesn’t make the chemical any less poisonous than it already is.

Another danger lurking in America’s water system can be traced to medical prescriptions. Recent reports show that water systems are also largely contaminated by medical drugs which are non-treatable by most treatment plants in the country. Sadly, we are subjecting our children to this kind of condition that may cause far worse complications in the long run.

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Water Purification Systems Guidance


How Do Water Purification Systems Function?

There are just a few different kinds of water purification systems and the principles of their work usually depend on the issues they’ve been designed to handle. For instance, industrial waste water processing facilities have a range of filtration stages together with microbial elements and debris removal screens. Nonetheless, the purification system bought on AtlasAir will be easier and simpler to install.                

   The filter type likely to be practical to a family will be the one that can deal with the tap water contaminants. Mind that water in one particular area will vary significantly from the water to water. The filtration method that will be chosen in this or that case will depend upon the water elements that should be removed. More often than not, filters used for home water systems have several different kinds of filtration that are together built into the unit to handle a range of water problems that typically occur in homes.       » Read more

How-to-Pick: Choose the Space Heater Up to Your Demands

If winter time is just around the corner, you’re definitely thinking about wrapping yourself up in a rug and turning up the thermostat. But if at the same time you’re dreaming about reducing energy bills, as well as complete heat of some of the house areas, it’s time to purchase a quality space heater. AtlasAirPurifier offers some of the hot tips on how to choose the right space heater, here are the top recommendations:

  • Make sure you know what kind of heating you’re in need of. Are you on the lookout for a space heater that you will use to heat a room or re you in need of a personal heater to warm you up exclusively?Heater
  • How safe the device should be? Without a doubt, all space heaters must be 100% safe to use. As for moms and dads of the little ones, they have to check the safety characteristics before they buy an item. For instance, it is recommended to consider how hot the materials may get and whether these materials are protected from the curious children. Besides, one should look for an overheat cut-off and tip-over sensors.  
  • What is the level of the noise that one may handle? While some homeowners like the heater noise and even find it somewhat relaxing, the others can’t stand one. Make sure you know what side you take before you pick this or that models of a heater or purchase it.
  • Do you care of the space heater looks ergonomic? Chances are that you may be on the lookout for a device that will match your home design. If yes, be ready to spend some extra bucks on an attractive device. But if you don’t really care about how your space heater will look standing next to the cupboard, you can consider any model you like.
  • How much $ are you ready to spend on a space heater? If you’re going to purchase a space heater as a temporary solution, give your preference to the budget devices that still have high rates. But in case you’re going to use the item to warm your living area for many years in a row, it’s really crucial to invest in a supreme quality one.

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Humidifier & Dehumidifier: How to Know What You Need?


Proper level of humidity in your living area is a must. In case it gets too low, the homeowner may experience an increase in the symptoms of asthma, allergies and the other respiratory ailments, as well as dry skin. At the same time, if the humidity level gets too high, the excessive moisture will most likely cause the appearance of mildew. Using a high quality dehumidifier the homeowner will have an opportunity to get rid of indoor air moisture, while the humidifier is used to add some moisture to the indoor air. If you make a quick test described below, you will be able to find out whether you’re in need of a dehumidifier or a humidifier for your apartment or a house.

The assortment of the items you will need:

Hydrometer. Make sure to buy a hydrometer. This instrument will enable one to measure the level of relative humidity in a particular living area in percentages. Using the hydrometer, one can measure the level of humidity at up to 90% on a rainy day.

– Use the hydrometer to measure up the levels of humidity in every room, where you and your family members spend a lot of time. In most cases, the question is about the rooms like the bedroom and the living room. Taking into consideration the fact that the levels of humidity tend to change frequently, make certain to measure the humidity levels in the morning, afternoon and when the night falls during seven days. Determine the average levels of humidity in your house.

Install the humidifier in order to moisture the indoor air in case your average humidity level is somewhere below 50%. In case the average humidity level in your living area exceeds 60%, install a dehumidifier. Remember, the proper level of humidity in your place must be somewhere between 50% and 60%.

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