Water Ionizer Provides Cleaner and Safer Drinking Water

h2o-water-ionizerIt is no secret how today’s water has become unsafe for drinking and consuming. And, yes, you can argue about the process water treatment plants go through before they reach our taps again, but it is still not enough to clear the water from all of the contaminants that have been dissolved in it. Good thing there is another way you can get clean and safe water: through the alkaline water ionizer.

Chlorine is one staple ingredient included in our tap water, and it is kept alive in our water systems because it kills more harmful bacteria and parasites present in the water. But this doesn’t make the chemical any less poisonous than it already is.

Another danger lurking in America’s water system can be traced to medical prescriptions. Recent reports show that water systems are also largely contaminated by medical drugs which are non-treatable by most treatment plants in the country. Sadly, we are subjecting our children to this kind of condition that may cause far worse complications in the long run.

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Top 4 Signs that You Should Look for an Air Purifier

The quality of indoor air is highly crucial for every home, especially if there are little kids around. According to the most recent researches performed by the experts of the Environmental Protection Agency, low quality of the indoorair is one of the biggest problems that affect our houses. And unfortunately, opening up the doors and the windows is not enough in case with the majority of homeowners. Besides, it drastically raises the home cooling and heating. But the good news is that a whole house air purifier is just what the doctor ordered in case your home is full of air pollutants that are constantly circulating through your living space.

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Three Most Common Devices for Indoor Air Purifiers

  • Ultraviolet Technology

As a rule, UV technology is used in combination with the particulate filter systems for the reason that is cannot get rid of airborne particles. Still, it’s a great method to kill various viruses and bacteria. Air purifiers that are using this UV technology are equipped with a UV lamp that destroys microorganisms.

A UV air purifier converts water and oxygen molecules found in the indoor air indo hydroxyl and ozone. The active molecules react with the indoor air pollutants and destroy them into the elements like carbon dioxide and water. Ozone is not required for the process of cleaning and a quality UV air purifier must be able to eliminate ozone. UV technology filter effectiveness usually depends on the wattage of the light, as well as the period of exposure to the light. » Read more

Indoor Air Quality: Know When There’s a Problem In Your Home

If something goes wrong in your living area, you know it right away. If your favorite cheese or sandwich is spoiled in your fridge, it means that the appliance requires proper fixing. In case you see that your kitchen sink is leaking, you know it’s time to get it repaired. However, poor quality of home air isn’t as obvious as fridge smell. And while it may be a more subtle issue than the rest of the things that may get broken or spoiled in your house, it does not make it any less crucial to fix. Poor indoor climate may lead to serious health issues and even make you and your family members feel malaise with no particular reason. Here are some simple recommendations on how to find out whether there’s a problem with the indoor air quality.  » Read more

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